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As a young runner who was enjoying cross country at school, I decided to join a training group. In the first session, I felt like I was on slow motion compared to the other runners. This group was my first introduction to running drills, and over time I learnt to run with faster leg turnover and be lighter on my feet.

For a track runner, a fast, efficient style with a short ground contact time is essential for relatively short races that often comes with sudden changes in pace. Studies have shown that this is less common in longer distances and road running, where runners often have a longer ground contact time, especially under fatigue in later stages of a race.

But why should track runners have all the fun? We believe that runners at all levels covering any distance would benefit from being light on their feet and turning their legs over faster. This, combined with run specific strength work, is an important part of our programs. 

Best of all, it's fun!

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