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Are you looking to increase your general running fitness before building up to an event? Perhaps you have recently completed a race and want to maintain your fitness before working towards your next goal.


Our free maintenance training plans are for you.

These plans are easy to follow options that will keep you running in between events. You will also receive strength and technique exercises that you can add to your training.

We have two options available depending on your current level on fitness. 

Plan 1

Four weeks duration

Suitable for:

People who can run up to 60 minutes

Hold a comfortable conversational pace

Completed a 5km - 10km race

Plan 2

Four weeks duration 

Suitable for:

People who can run for 90 minutes

Have experience with a variety of training sessions/paces

Have run a half marathon

Plans can be repeated on a rolling basis while you are not working towards a race.

Ready to train for an event? Get a personalised running program.

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Do you want to start running but aren't sure how? Have you started and would like to increase your running time? Are you looking to get back into running after a break?

This plan provides a week by week guide on how to build up to running 60 minutes at a conversational pace.

You will also receive a short run strength circuit that you can add to your training.

Why 60 minutes?

Running for 60 minutes will help you build a solid base of aerobic and muscular endurance. It will help you to use oxygen efficiently, improve your ability to convert fuel to energy and train your muscles to resist fatigue and handle the forces put through the body with each running step. They key to this type of training is to run at a comfortable pace where you can hold a conversation, which will train your aerobic system to work efficiently

Over time, you will be able to cover more distance in the same time period for the same level of effort.

Building a base doesn’t happen overnight. Your base will be improved over many of years of running and will generally be the focus of your training between or before training for a goal race. Because this is an ongoing process that runners will work at for years, I believe it is worth spending a bit of extra time on when you first start running.


By building up to 60 minutes, you will give your body extra time to develop its aerobic capability and muscular strength. When you have a solid aerobic base, your body will be more prepared to handle the demands of higher intensity training and you can start introducing speed work.

The plan starts with running for 1 minute intervals and increases the amount of time you run for each week. It is important to build slowly to prevent injury. You can repeat a week at any time if you feel you need to. 

If you are already doing some running, you can commence the plan in the week that corresponds with how far you can run.

If you aren't sure how far you can run, test it out by going for a run. See how far you go and start the plan at the corresponding week.


Remember, the aim is to build up slowly, so don't push yourself further than you can comfortably go on this test run. Only run for as long as you can comfortably hold a conversation. 

Free Running Plans: News & Updates


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