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I would highly recommend Bron to any runner looking for professional guidance to improve their running and overall fitness. 

Several years ago I set out to try and break 20 minutes for the 5km. Bron was extremely helpful in providing interval training specific to this goal. Bron continually encouraged me to keep trying and I finally succeeded at my local parkrun in October 2014.Since that time Bron has developed comprehensive and easy to follow training plans tailored specifically for my goals, helping me to achieve PBs in every distance, 10km, half marathon and marathon. Bron’s calm and positive attitude has been the key to success for me. I have always found Bron extremely approachable, helpful and available for any questions I have had along the way.

Bron’s biggest challenge was to help me train to break 3 hours in the marathon. Despite running decent times I needed a lot of confidence instilled in me to achieve this goal. Bron was amazing. She helped me with a specific training plan and race day strategy to make this goal achievable. In 2018 I went under 3 hours at the Gold Coast marathon and I was ecstatic. I could not have gone close to this without Bron’s help.

The time I achieved at the Gold Coast marathon helped me qualify for the Boston marathon which I ran in 2019. The Boston training plan Bron prepared for me was definitely the most difficult training plan I have done to date. The training involved a lot of hill training and I am glad it did. Boston in my opinion is a very tough course, predominantly downhill with a few uphills towards the end. I ran under 3 hours again in Boston and while my time was slower than Gold Coast, it was easily my most successful and happiest running day. I will always be extremely grateful to Bron for training me and preparing me for success at this iconic marathon.

Over the years Bron and I have developed a great friendship and I look forward to training for more marathons with Bron in the future.

Gold Coast Marathon 2018 & Boston Marathon 2019, sub 3 hours



Bron has done an outstanding job in taking me through the training for my first and second marathon. She continuously gave me invaluable guidance, answered each of my questions (and there were many!) and equipped me with the tools to work through the physical and mental aspects of running that distance. I can highly recommend Bron!

Sydney Marathon 2018 & 2019, sub 4 hours

Image of the start of the Canberra Marathon


I have known Bron for a few years but last year 2020 I asked if she could coach me for my second marathon. As with 2020 everything kept changing. She was able to change my programs easily. When in person events started again I planned on running the 2021 Canberra marathon. Bron developed the plan for me and was always there to answer any and all of the questions I had (which was a lot). I ended up with a 58 minute PB and couldn’t have gotten there without her help.

I am now about to start training for my third marathon, with Bron as coach again. I would definitely recommend Bron to anyone that wanted a coach

Canberra Marathon 2021, 4:48

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