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The most effective training programs are designed specifically for each runner based on their goals, fitness and running history. When training for an event, in particular a marathon, it is rare that things go 100% to plan with no hiccups along the way. It is common for programs to be changed due to niggles, illness, work and family demands, or even weather. If these things occur, we can modify your program to ensure you remain on track to achieving your goals.

Training for an event and the anticipation of a race you have worked hard for can seem daunting or overwhelming. We can help you prepare for the mental side of building up to a race and provide tips on how to deal with the mental fatigue you will experience in your race.

We will also help you plan how to approach the race, including pace targets and practicing nutrition and hydration.

We often hear of people asking for free training plans they can follow to build up to a half marathon or marathon. There are plenty of these available with a quick online search. These are a great resource as a general guide on how to build up to an event. But they don’t provide you with information on what to do if life happens and your training is interrupted or specific ways for you to prepare for your race. 

We believe the best way to prepare for an event is with a program that is developed just for you and ongoing personal contact throughout your training. We also offer free base training programs as a guide of how to maintain your training in the period between races. 

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