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Tips for getting your run done in the afternoon

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Recently I blogged about my tips for fitting marathon training into a busy lifestyle. One of the key things was doing your training runs in the morning before the day’s interruptions get in the way.

If you do need to run in the afternoon, here are a few tips to make it as easy as possible to get it done:

Go straight away when you get home – don’t sit down on the couch, don’t turn on the TV, don’t open the fridge to suss out what you might have for dessert. The longer you spend at home and the more distractions you are exposed to, the less likely you are to go for your run.

Put your clothes out when you leave – this is the afternoon version of leaving your running clothes out the night before a morning run. If you have them ready to get changed, you can get ready to go straight away.

Avoid too many afternoon snacks – one of my biggest problems with evening runs is when I get peckish in the afternoon, or work holds an afternoon tea, and I eat too many snacks. Having a full stomach usually isn’t conducive to getting a good run in.

Cook your dinner the night before – on the days we go to the track for an evening interval session, we often make extra dinner the night before so we can have leftovers. If we aren’t cooking from scratch when we get home, it makes fitting everything in the evenings we run more achievable.

Go straight to training without going home – when we do our evening intervals, I arrange for someone to pick me up at the station so I go straight there without going home – that way I am guaranteed to get there!

Check for public transport updates before you leave work – this was my failing yesterday, as I only discovered there were train issues when I got the station. If I’d had a look at my transport app in the afternoon, I would have seen the trains were delayed. I could have left work slightly earlier, and caught a train that would have got me to training in time. Lesson for next time!

Group running training in the evening
Evening training can be interrupted by a busy day, but a bit of planning makes it easier to get done

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